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Enterprise Vision

    To Become One First-class Teaching Equipment Supplier in the World. 

Enterprise Mission 

    G.S.T is devoted to the R&D and production of teaching facilities and equipment, and its core products include multi-media audio-visual system and lab equipment. Based on fair and reasonable price and careful service, G.S.T has been gradually recognized as a key service provider and a strategic partner in the sector of modern educational equipment industry.  

Core Value 

    The core value of G.S.T enterprise culture which is recognized by all the G.S.T staffers is Unremitting Innovation, Pursuit for Perfection & Constant Self-Improvement. This is the cultural foundation and background with distinguished G.S.T features developed in the past decade.  

    G.S.T encourages constant innovation efforts in technology upgrading and company management based on its utmost goal for new marketing approaches. The unchanged rule of the market is the market is always changing. G.S.T is never contented with its past glories, and it always aims at innovation and new development. 

    G.S.T holds a firm belief that quality and reputation is vital for the success of a company. It has a complete and strict system for stricter quality assurance and better service for clients. GST always pursue perfect quality, seeking zero-defect in every aspect of business operation and product quality control. This is the only reason why we can survive the existing modern market with fierce competitions. 

    G.S.T aims at overtaking the rivals and exceeding its counterparts based in constant innovation and pursuit for perfection. It has created an atmosphere for innovation and improvement, which symbolizes the vitality of G.S.T for growth and power locomotive for development. 

Enterprise Policy 

   To be a respected business with positive significance to the society

    We always keep a keen eye on the market tendency, to constantly provide high quality and eco-friendly products. At the same time, we stress on the individual career growth and success of each employee, to cultivate an atmosphere of a big family within the Company. When a company becomes a home to a worker, he will devote himself to the employer, and gratitude to the society will be generated, and in return, the Company will be able to share more social responsibilities. 

 Gratitude for Loyalty
     We know keenly that a grateful person can do a better and more efficient job. The feeling of gratitude accelerates personal growth and offers positive incentive to the grow-up of an enterprise. We thank our employees, our workmates, our line workers, our supervisors and our Company. Our cordial thanks also go to our partners, our supplier and distributors, who ensure stable quality of the raw material and finished products under the concept of win-win cooperation concept. We are thankful to our clients and customers. We spare no efforts in providing best quality for the society, to consolidate the public’s recognition and loyalty to GST. 

 Accountability & Teamwork
    G.S.T defines the responsibilities and rights of each work position clearly, to cultivate the awareness of accountability for each. G.S.T encourages trans-department cooperation and mutual assistance, in a bid to create a highly-effective working force within the Company. 

   Enterprise Spirit

    United, Diligent, Pragmatic & Innovative 

  Enterprise Work style

  Proactive Approach for Success with Great Passion