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GST’s Talent Policy

Since its inception 15 years ago, Guangdong GST Science Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd (GST) is committed to the production and installation of school laboratory and multi-media equipment. Its core products are multi-functional audio-visual teaching facilities and modern lab equipment & instruments.  
GST was founded in 2002. It has a floorage area of 12000 square meters, with 200 staffers, 30 of whom are technicians with various expertises.GST boasts the state-of-the-art production equipment and perfect production control systems. Complete and full management procedures about installation, quality control, defect control etc have been established here. 

GST gives priority to human resource. To cultivate talents with good work ethics and good expertise and to create a smooth upward talent-mobility system within GST is the constant policy and pursuit of the Company. We advocate individual self-esteem and teamwork; we encourage enterprising attitude and pioneering approach of the employees for creativity and career progress. We cultivate the enterprise culture of United, Diligent, Pragmatic & Innovative. 

GST has found a way to integrate the individual aspirations with the enterprise goal, to encourage employees to make full use of the internal training system to realize their individual’s career dreams. When the ability and work ethics of each individual is improved, the guarantee for the Company to achieve its goal is enhanced simultaneously. 

GST has set up an effective training network, ranging from new employee’s orientation, work position skill training to managerial expertise programs and enterprise culture cultivation. All the staffers have easy and convenient access to the training programs, for further self-improvement and better prospects. 
Exploring and innovative, GST has created a decision-making team with forward-looking prospect and good strategic mindset, and a professional R&D team who keep abreast with the updated technical trend with innovative concept and sound skill background. The technicians here are all diligent and dedicated to the development of GST, with good expertise and rich experience, the managerial staff are excellent masters of modern management concept, with due accountability and awareness of responsibility.   
GST attaches great importance on individual virtue and work ethics when seeking for high-caliber talent. Good personality, outstanding communication skills and practical management idea are vital factors for personnel selection. We try our utmost to enable each GST staffer to gain good personal qualities including good morality, good communication skill, good ability to judge and to observe, with strong passion and courage towards our established targets.