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Hengda Soccer School
——A typical example of Complete set of equipment for Functional Room

   Hengda Soccer School, invested by Hengda Group, is located at Qingyuan, a famous tourism city with fantastic scenery in Guangdong province. Adhering to its motto Revitalize Chinese Soccer through Cultivating Chinese Soccer Stars, this full-time boarding school adopts a curriculum with equal importance on soccer training and academic score. On the academic aspect, the School sticks to the standards of province-level key schools and national standards for colleges and universities, and it is managed by South China Normal University, a famous one in China. On the soccer training aspect, all the soccer coaches are selected and sent from Royal Madrid Club in Spain.

Hengda Soccer School is the largest one of its kind in the world. It is open for public service in three gradual phases, total student population exceeding 10,000. Currently at the first phase, there are 3150 pupils and 435 faculty members in three sections, i.e. primary, junior high and senior high. All the campus and teaching facilities are constructed according to the standards for province-level key schools, including primary school teaching building, secondary school teaching building, experiment building, stadium and auditorium, etc. the soccer-related facilities are of world criteria: a 6000-sqm soccer center building (largest worldwide) , a 2000-sqm gym& training center of international standard, 76 soccer courts. In addition there are dormitory buildings, faculty dorm buildings, canteen and supermarket and student union home etc. The experiment building boasts the most sophisticated equipment and instruments, which is an ideal place for academic presentation and seminars.
GST took part in the construction of several projects within the campus of Hengda School in June this year, mainly including Science Class Lab (physics, chemistry & biology), Science-class Digit-exploring Lab, Science Exploring Lab, a complete set of equipment for general experiments, functional rooms special for music, PE, art and handwork, multi-media room, etc. Now the projects are under construction now, and GST members are sparing no time in bringing forth another example of high quality facilities.