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Jining Confucius International School
——A typical example for ceramics art room

   Jining International School is located at No. 1, Guanghe Road, Jining High-tech Zone, and it is the only full-time international school in this city which offers 5-year education for the society. 

   As the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, Jining is recognized as one of the key origins of Chinese traditional culture. The School absorbs international science classes into its curriculum design through a perfect means.  Chinese classics are studied here, and the school compiles its own book of Chinese ancient civilization. It has set up an exam process for Chinese classics, and kids who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate. Good background in Chinese traditional cultures will be good foundation for the young to go far in their careers. 

     GST projects for Jining School:
Instruments & Equipment for Music Room, Calligraphy Art Room, Ceramics Art Room,  Primary School Sci-tech Experiment Lab, Primary School Exploratory Lab, Geography Experiment Lab, Biological Digit-Exploring Lab, Biology Room, Anatomy Lab, Secondary school Comprehensive Lab, Physical Lab (electrical, mechanics) and digit-related exploring experiment, as well as all the equipment needed for secondary school physics teaching.