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What is GST’s Edge for Competition?

Reliable Team with Good Expertise & Rich Experience  
    GST has 15 years’ experience in R&D and overall construction of teaching & lab facilities. It is specialized in school laboratories and multi-media teaching audio-visual products. GST has been a key member in school lab-refurbishing program in Guangdong province. Fifteen years’ efforts in production, design and installation of teaching equipment have trained a sophisticated GST team, which has obtained all the required qualification and accreditations from the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology. 

 Sound Comprehensive Strength     
          GST has taken the lead in obtaining a series of accreditation and certificates in this industry: ISO9001-2000, ISO14001-2004, GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health & Safety System, National High&New Enterprise, chairman-title member of China Teaching Equipment Industry Association, vice-president-title member of Guangdong Teaching Equipment Industry Association, Guangdong Private Sci-tech Enterprise, Dongguan Private Sci-tech Enterprise, and Guangdong Outstanding Contracted Supplier.    

  Technological Advantages     
          GST has obtained the following accreditations from authorities at home and abroad: Grade-3 service-provider in data integration from Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, Level-3 qualification from Ministry of House & Construction, 10-ring certificate from Ministry of Environmental Protection (listed on the Chinese government procurement directory), CQC, CCC, CED, FCC. The Company is also approved by Guangdong provincial technology inspection & testing department and equipment department. It is the owner of several patent rights, and the copyright holder of a lot of teaching program software. 

  Overall Scheme & Design Advantage 
   GST has substantial advantages in providing teaching facilities for schools, with ten years experience in producing multi-media products and building school labs. It has established good business relationship with about 3000 schools around the world, and offered lab design and construction drawing service to 100 educational institutes. GST boasts strong capacity in school informationization program, lab constructions and supply of routine lab instruments. 

  Business Marketing Advantage 
    GST has accumulated much experience in government procurement projects in the aspect of marketing approaches. Based on its comprehensive strength, GST takes part in more than 100 bidding projects around the world every year. It is an expert in preparing bidding document, sample fabrication, bidding procedures etc.